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Fly Geyser, a unique rainbow-colored wonder

Fly Geyser, located in Nevada, USA, is a strikingly colorful and relatively small geothermal geyser that, while man-made, offers a unique natural spectacle. This geyser was accidentally created during well drilling in 1964 when geothermally heated water found a weak spot in the ground and began shooting up through it.

Fly Geyser Nevada

The water, superheated deep beneath the earth’s surface, is rich in minerals and, over time, these minerals have built up to form the vibrant mounds and terraces that now characterize Fly Geyser. The brilliant reds, greens, yellows, and oranges of the geyser are due to thermophilic algae, which flourish in the moist, hot environment created by the spewing water.

The geyser is located on private land within the boundaries of Fly Ranch, which is owned by the Burning Man Project. They provide guided walks that allow visitors to see the geyser up close, in an effort to raise awareness about sustainable and eco-friendly living practices. The Burning Man Project aims to utilize the ranch as an experiment in sustainability and community.

Fly Geyser Nevada

Despite its man-made origins, Fly Geyser is a fascinating example of the unexpected consequences of human interaction with the natural environment. Over the decades, it has grown into a significant ecological feature that supports a small ecosystem of heat-tolerant microorganisms and is frequented by various birds and animals.

Fly Geyser Nevada

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