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Mont Aiguille: the Seven Wonders of Dauphiné

Mont Aiguille stands as a symbolic pinnacle in the Vercors range, celebrated as one of the seven wonders of Dauphiné. This distinctive stone needle, once part of the larger Vercors massif, has been shaped by erosion into a unique structure isolated from its parent range. Today, it is heralded as the birthplace of climbing, offering 30 climbing routes that cater to a range of abilities from beginners to expert mountaineers.

Mont Aiguille

The circuitous tour around Mont Aiguille provides a comprehensive view of this grand summit, a veritable sentinel overseeing the Trièves region. Its imposing presence draws the attention of intellectuals and sports enthusiasts alike, making it a coveted spot for climbers and hikers. The iconic status of Mont-Aiguille is enhanced by the historical significance of its first ascent in 1492, led by Captain Antoine de Ville under the commission of the King of France. This event, occurring just months before the discovery of America, is marked as a monumental moment in the history of climbing.

The mountain is often referred to as the “suspended garden” due to its summit meadows, contrasting sharply with its steep cliffs. These accessible climbing routes allow adventurers to explore the varied facets of the mountain, culminating in breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding pastoral landscapes.

Mont Aiguille

For those unable to climb, the hiking trail that encircles the mountain offers a chance to appreciate Mont Aiguille from all angles, capturing the essence of its beauty and the mythical allure that has only been partially dispelled by its historical conquests. This sacred mountain, rich with legends and myths, continues to inspire and challenge all who come to witness or conquer its heights.

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