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Lyon: Bartholdi Fountain

The magnificent Bartholdi Fountain in Lyon, located in the bustling central square of Place des Terreaux, is a true masterpiece by the renowned sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi. Known primarily for creating the iconic “Statue of Liberty” or “Liberty Enlightening the World,” Bartholdi’s talents are equally showcased in this less globally known but equally impressive work.

The fountain itself is a grand structure, weighing 21 tons and crafted from lead and iron, with an exceptionally fine lead skin ranging between 1 and 4 mm thick. It spans 9 meters across and stands 4.85 meters high, with a total diameter of 15 meters. These dimensions make the Bartholdi Fountain not only a visual spectacle but also an engineering feat.

Situated in a lively area, the fountain is a popular gathering spot for both locals and tourists. Its presence enhances the charm of Place des Terreaux, making it a favored meeting point surrounded by numerous delightful outdoor restaurants. The area’s vibrant atmosphere is perfect for those looking to enjoy a meal or drink while soaking in the beautiful views and the fountain’s intricate details.

The Bartholdi Fountain serves as more than just a decorative element; it is a piece of cultural heritage that adds depth and character to Lyon’s cityscape. Its design and execution are testaments to Bartholdi’s skill and artistic vision, drawing visitors who come to admire its craftsmanship and to experience a piece of French art history.

For those planning to visit Lyon, the Bartholdi Fountain at Place des Terreaux is a must-see. The square is not only a historical site but also a lively part of the city, offering both cultural enrichment and leisure opportunities. Whether you’re there to meet friends, enjoy the local cuisine, or just bask in the artistic ambiance, it promises a memorable experience.

For further insights into Lyon’s attractions and historical sites, consider exploring Secret World for detailed guides and recommendations. Additionally, for those interested in more of Bartholdi’s works and other historical fountains around the world, check out this comprehensive guide.

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