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Zoroastrian Ethnological Museum of Kerman

Zoroastrian Ethnological Museum of Kerman Province is the only ethnological museum of the world that is devoted to Zoroastrianism and Zoroastrian people that is located within the Fire Temple of Zoroastrians of Kerman City. Among the oldest things that are kept in this museum, one can refer to one volume of Gathas of more than 200 years of history as well as a handy fire place with the date 1838.Among the valuable parts of this museum is the division of pictures and documents where pictures of Naseri Society of Zoroastrians of Kerman and Rafsanjan as well as the pictures of great men like Arbab Keikhosrow Shahrokh, Mirza Borzu Amighi, Mrs. Keshvar Mazdisna are kept. Another part of the Zoroastrian museum is devoted to the presentation and introduction of the clothes of Zoroastrian women and men which are of 50 to 150 years old. Makhna, Lachak, Charqad, coat, shirt and pants decorated by embroidery are among the female clothing that is kept in this museum and every one of them has a special beauty.

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