West Azerbaijan Province, Tazeh Kand-e-Nosrat Abad, تکاب - تخت سلیمان، Iran

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The name Dushanbe originates from the word ‘Monday’ in Persian language. A large Bazaar was organized every Monday at Dushanbe hence the name. Earlier, it was also called Dyushambe and Stalinabad after Joseph Stalin. Lately, tourists have been flocking to the country to bike on the Pamir highway, trek in the Fann mountains and explore the Tajik Ferghana valley. Before the tourists start their adventure and once they have finished exploring the mountains, they spend some relaxing days in Dushanbe.

Dushanbe is a modern city with very traditional roots. Everywhere, you can see vestiges of its soviet past. The city is not very populated which adds to a traveller’s delight. It has beautiful parks where tourists can lounge in nature like Rudaki park. The park is also home to the second-largest flagpole in the world. If you like watching sunsets, then walk the hill upto Victory Park and watch the sun’s last rays fall on the city. Next in line would be the museums of Dushanbe. The National Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan is worth a visit with many exhibits ranging from those representing stone age to bronze age and more and Murals as well. You can also spend 2-3 hours at the newly constructed National Museum of Tajikistan watching the many exhibits. Another museum worth visiting is Gurminj museum of musical instruments which is located in the centre of Dushanbe, behind the Office of the Mayor. The museum was founded in 1990 and is home to more than a 100 musical instruments representing the Pamiri and Badakhshani musical tradition. To get a slice of the local culture, visit the Mehrong bazaar which is the largest Bazaar in the city. Here you will see local Tajiks shopping for fruits and vegetables, housewares and other things. Another interesting Bazaar is the Korvon Bazaar which houses among other things are wholesale Fabric sellers who sell traditional Tajik dresses. If you are looking for beautiful architecture then head to Kokhi Navruz which is the biggest national tea house and holds stately dinners. The Melvana Yakub Charkhi Mosque is another beautiful building worth a visit.

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