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Vallesinella Falls

The watercourse of Vallesinella with its three waterfalls named alte, di mezzo and di sotto, descends towards the valley offering an enchanting landscape, also dotted with numerous caves and various karst phenomena determined by the flow of water, which has over time built natural bridges and springs. On the other hand, caves of considerable length between 523 and 386 meters can be reached at higher elevations, along the walls of the Torrione di Vallesinella and Castelletto di Mezzo. Vallesinella is also one of the gateways to some of the best-known mountaineering routes because it provides access to the Quintino Sella and F.F. Tuckett refuges, whose history began in 1904 and 1906. Routes to two classic climbs, that of Cima Brenta and Castelletto Inferiore, and the Sosat trail, a portion of the Bocchette trail, depart from here.

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