Uncontaminated Nature

Fumarole Park of Sasso Pisano

he subsurface of this area is characterized by intense geothermal activity whose vapors (characterized by 95 percent water vapor and 5 percent gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, ammonia, boric acid hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen, nitrogen, radon, and many more of which hydrogen sulfide or hydrogen sulfide) escape to the surface through fractures in the impermeable rocks that cover the entire area. This geothermal phenomenon gives tourists a surreal environment among a multitude of small geysers, pools of hot water fed at the base by a natural blowhole known by the name of lagoni, and the solfataras that is, emissions of water vapor, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from the oxidation of which sulfur crystals are formed and deposited around their outlet on the surface. Due to the widespread geothermal activity in the area, the terrain has very distinctive colorations giving a scenic impact to the eyes of hikers.

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