Mirny Diamond Mine

The Mirny Diamond Mine, located in the Sakha Republic of Russia, holds the title as the world’s biggest diamond mine. Often simply referred to as the Mir Mine, this enormous open-pit mine has a fascinating history and remarkable dimensions that continue to captivate the attention of the world.

Originally discovered in 1955 during the Soviet era, the Mir Mine was rapidly developed and soon became a cornerstone of the Soviet and later Russian diamond industry. The mine itself is a staggering sight: it measures approximately 1,200 meters in diameter and reaches a depth of about 525 meters, making it one of the largest man-made holes on Earth.

The Mirny Diamond Mine

The climatic conditions at the mine are extremely harsh, with long, bitter winters that significantly impact mining operations. Despite these challenges, the Mir Mine was a prolific producer of diamonds for many decades. At its peak, the mine produced over 10 million carats of diamonds annually, a significant percentage of which were gem-quality.


The scale of the mine is so vast that it has even affected local air traffic. The airspace above the mine is reported to be closed to helicopters after incidents in which aircraft were sucked in by the downward air flow.

While primary mining operations at the Mirny Diamond Mine were halted in 2004, the site remains a focal point for studies and is occasionally active under limited operations by the Russian diamond company Alrosa. The mine’s size and its contribution to the global diamond supply have left a lasting legacy, making it a landmark not only in Russia but also in the global mining industry.

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