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Putorana Mountains

The Putorana Plateau, also known as the Putorana Mountains, is a stunning mountainous region in the Russian Federation, characterized by its extensive massif and crisscrossed mountain ranges. This remote and largely inaccessible plateau is located near the northern industrial city of Norilsk, a place where foreign travel is restricted, adding an element of mystique and untouched beauty to the region. Norilsk is accessible via Alykel Airport, providing a gateway for those authorized to explore this pristine wilderness.

Putorana Mountains

The plateau’s highest point is Mount Kamen, which rises to 1,678 meters (5,505 feet) above sea level, making it the highest point of the Central Siberian Plateau. The landscape is not only marked by its dramatic mountain peaks but also by its impressive water features, including the Talnikovy Waterfall, which is one of the highest waterfalls in Asia. The powerful cascades of Talnikovy add to the region’s dramatic natural scenery and are a highlight for the few who experience this remote wilderness.

Putorana Mountains

Lakes are a defining feature of the Putorana Plateau, with the likes of Lake Dyupkun and Lake Lama covering extensive areas and creating vast aquatic ecosystems. These lakes, often surrounded by steep banks, are significant both geographically and ecologically. The name “Putorana” aptly translates from the Evenk language as “the country of lakes with steep banks”. The plateau is dotted with more than 25,000 lakes, which vary in depth between 180 and 420 meters (590 and 1,400 feet), collectively forming the second-largest store of fresh water in Russia, after Lake Baikal.

Putorana Mountains

The Putorana Plateau offers a unique glimpse into one of the world’s most secluded natural areas, characterized by its rich biodiversity and stunning geological formations. The area is a haven for scientists and nature enthusiasts alike, providing a unique environment for studying endemic species and ecological processes largely untouched by human influence.

For those interested in the wild and pristine landscapes of Siberia, the Putorana Plateau represents an extraordinary example of natural beauty and ecological significance. Although access is restricted, the region continues to be an important area for scientific research and conservation efforts, preserving a corner of the planet that remains wild and largely unexplored.

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