Temple of Pomona

Piazzetta Piantanova, 84121 Salerno SA, Italia

Simona Bertolaso



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The Temple of Pomona is located near the Cathedral of Salerno and dates back to Roman times, when the city of Salerno, home to several temples (dedicated to Bacchus, Venus, Juno and Priapus), received the title of "College of the Augustals" to demonstrate the great importance it held during the Roman period.

It is characterized, inside and outside, by about fifteen columns of Ionic style joined together by a Gothic pointed arch. The capitals consist of four heads of the goddess Pomona and a square slab crowning the capital formed by concave faces. The pavement, the attic with a central round arch, a trunk of the foundations, the single lancet windows and a tombstone have been found. The latter, situated between the second and the third single lancet window, recalls a donation of 50 thousand sesterces made by a certain Tito Tettenio Felice Augustale in the IV century A.D.

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