Parc del Montnegre

08319 Dosrius, Barcelona, Spain

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If you have a free day and feel like escaping to nature not too far from Barcelona, one of the most interesting places to consider is the Montnegre i el Corredor Natural Park. This natural area is a massif on the Catalan coastal range, located between Vallgorguina and Arenys de Munt, where the regions of Maresme and Vallès Occidental meet.

Although it is a destination full of paths, monuments and wonderful sites, it is still not very well-known. So access is not always easy and you need a car to get there.
The Montnegre and El Corredor Nature Reserve lies around 22 km east of Calella, providing ample opportunity for mountain biking and trekking amid pine-covered peaks and ancient ruins. The highest point of this protected national park is Turó Gros, which spans over 770 metres.

Home to a healthy population of foxes, wild boars and deer, as well as rare birds, the Parc del Montnegre i el Corredor is a slice of wilderness within an hour’s drive of Calella’s town centre. The park is well equipped official paths and trails for safe exploration, though it surprisingly remains something of a hidden gem in the Catalonian region.

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