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Lake Fiastra

Lake Fiastra is an artificial lake owned and operated by Enel, built in the 1950s (work began in 1955) by damming the Fiastrone River by means of a vault dam at an elevation of 640 m. above sea level. It is the largest hydroelectric reservoir in the Marche region, with a capacity of 20.4 million cubic meters of water The level of the lake is variable. In general in the winter, spring season the lake is lower and in summer it is maintained by a higher, constant level. Its waters will impress and amaze you with their clarity and intensity of color. Light blue, dark blue, turquoise, sapphire, emerald green, cobalt blue, numerous are the shades that will appear to you and will always be different with the changing light, brightness and the views and headlands from which you will admire it. Surrounded by mountains and forests, it is an ideal place to spend pleasant days along its equipped shores

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