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Considered by historians to be one of the oldest cities in Germany, the city of Ladenburg is one of the best hidden gems of Germany.
It developed around 100 A.D. from a Roman military settlement and is therefore one of the oldest towns in Germany.
Ladenburg became a diocesan town during the 10th century. This was a grant for the development into a blooming medieval city. However, in 1705, the diocese left Ladenburg, as it became the “kurpfälzische Oberamtsstadt” (electoral palatine chief administrative city). Visible buildings of this time period are the St. Gallus church, the St. Sebastian chapel, the “Fürstenbau” (todays city library) and the “Bischofshof” (bishop’s court).
Ladenburg is no longer the most important city in the region today as it is surrounded by very important cities such as Mannheim or Heidelberg; however, it remains one of the most beautiful cities in Germany and is worth the trip for a city break outside of the big cities or for a short afternoon excursion.
It has many popular attractions, including Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz, Lobdengaumuseum, Carl Benz Haus, making it well worth a visit.

From 1904 infact till their deaths Dr. Carl Benz and his wife Bertha lived in Ladenburg. Their tomb can be found at the cemetery of the town. The factory (now museum), their former house and the probably oldest known stone garage are special sights.

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