Park of the City Walls

Genoa, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy

Simona Bertolaso



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The Parco delle Mura (Park of the City Walls) is a Protected Natural Area of 617 hectares of hills that surrounds Genoa. It is named after the New Walls erected in the 17th century to protect the city and its harbour. Besides them, the area includes many military forts built betweeen 17th-19th centuries. There are different itineraries to follow, each of them runs through meadows, woods, pastures and remains of the area’s sheep-farming past.

The most popular destinations are Forte Diamante, the Park’s highest and most isolated fort (660 metres above sea level), Forte Begato, overlooking Polcevera Valley, Fratello Maggiore and Minore, Puin, Sperone and Tenaglie.

Most of paths presents no or almost not particular difficulty, anyway a minimal amount of training is required. I personally recommend you to not trek during summertime due to high temperatures and sun exposure.

Best access to Parco delle Mura is by funicular Righi or Genova-Casella Railway (get off at Trensasco).

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