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Yushan National Park – Taiwan

Yushan National Park, home to Yushan or Mount Yu, is the highest mountain in Taiwan and the fourth highest mountain on an island. The park is celebrated for its spectacular, rugged peaks, of which Yushan is the most prominent, reaching a height of 3,952 meters (12,966 feet).

Yushan National Park

It serves not only as the sacred mountain of both Bunun and Zhou tribes but also as one of the Five Great Mountains together with Snow Mountain, Xiuguluan Mountain, Nanhu Mountain and North Dawu Mountain. Visitors will delight in the vibrant and ever-changing landscapes painted by all four glorious seasons. The sight of azaleas blooming serves as a sign that spring is here; you will be standing above a sea of clouds in summer; the landscape celebrates autumn by suddenly erupting into a blanket of oxeye daisy flowers; the mountain tops will be capped with snow in winter — Yushan is literally a paradise all year round regardless of the season!

Yushan National Park offers a range of biodiversity and is a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers seeking to conquer its challenging terrains. The park features a variety of ecological zones, from subtropical forest at its lower elevations to alpine conditions near the summit.

Yushan National Park

The diverse habitats host an array of wildlife and plant species, some of which are endemic to Taiwan. Climbing Yushan provides adventurous trails and the opportunity to experience breathtaking views across the island and, on clear days, to the surrounding ocean and mainland China.

Yushan National Park

For those planning to explore this majestic mountain and its natural beauty, resources like Secret World offer comprehensive travel guides and tips. Additionally, for more insights into Taiwan’s rich natural landscapes and outdoor adventures, this comprehensive guide provides extensive information and practical advice.

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