WOW Museum

Werdmühlestrasse 10, 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Simona Bertolaso



Arte, Teatri e Musei
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The WOW is more than just a museum: it is a colourful world of illusion that inspires children, young people and adults alike through digital and real experiences, trying things out and experimenting: this is what makes imparting knowledge fun!

The WOW Museum is not only unique in Switzerland: all exhibits and illusion rooms are individually developed in prototyping and designed for the spatial conditions. The corporate design guidelines define the brand presence both online and in print, as well as spatially. From the social media presence, the website and brochures to the museum visit, the brand can be experienced consistently.

Visitors are guided through the museum with the specially developed and web-based “WOW Guide”. QR codes on all exhibits and in the illusion rooms provide explanations and tips for the perfect sensory illusion.

On the upper floor is the “Wonder Lab”, the educationally designed area of the exhibition, where the exhibits invite visitors to experiment. The modular room is also suitable for workshops and is also actively visited by school classes.

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