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The Westerkerk is one of the many beautiful historic church buildings that Amsterdam has to offer. The Westerkerk is located on the Prinsengracht at the Westermarkt on the outskirts of the district Jordan. Hendrick de Keyser has designed this church, then the church is between 1621 and 1630 built. This was commissioned by the former Amsterdam city council. For this reason, the coat of arms can be found everywhere in the Church.

When the Western Church was built, were the Zuiderkerk en noorderkerk there. But the Western Church was at that time called the largest Protestant church in the world. The Zuiderkerk there was even already 20 years earlier than the Western Church. It is good to see that the Western Church and the South Church his designs by the same architect. Both churches fact have some similarities. They both consist of a three-aisled space with two transepts. The Westerkerk is 58 29 meters and meters wide.

Tower of the Westerkerk

The church tower can call itself the highest in the city. With his 87 meters he also towers over many buildings. This tower is on the west side of the nave and is perfectly blended with the church. On top of the tower is a striker with the imperial crown and also contains the bells and bells. The hull of the tower is made of brick. On top of the tower becomes narrower and the individual floors are made of sandstone and wood and the upper part is also covered with painted glass.

interior Wester

Invade the church directly the large windows on which the church has a very light feel. This look is enhanced by the white walls. Between the white plaster to show some gray-colored stone embellishments. The columns, arches, ribs and the main frame of the ground floor are dark gray in color. The high nave flanked by lower aisles. Stylistically shows a mix between the medieval and Renaissance construction. The church has a main organ that was built in 1686 and then is several times rebuilt and extended with a third keyboard. There is also a choir organ.

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