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Viterbo | Palazzo degli Alessandri

One of the most beautiful buildings in medieval Viterbo is the Palazzo degli Alessandri. Located in the heart of the city, in the enchanting Piazza San Pellegrino, it has always been one of the most photographed buildings in Viterbo. Through its structure tells the story of the city and shows the distinctive signs of medieval architecture. This jewel, articulated on 3 floors, dates back to the thirteenth century, one of the periods of greatest development and expansion of the ancient city of Viterbo. The aspect that appears before the eyes of the tourist is the original one, thanks to the numerous restoration works of the past years. As reported by historical documents, since the beginning of the twentieth century the recovery works of the ancient structure have been started, bringing it back to its original beauty. What immediately wins the eyes of tourists is the suggestive architectural style: a characteristic profferlo, a typical element of the medieval architecture of Viterbo, set in the perimeter wall. The facade of the palace, embellished by particular windows, is very suggestive. Finally, don’t forget to visit these medieval views even at night, you will find an atmosphere of yesteryear that will enrapture your heart.

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