Village of San Ginesio

Did you know that San Ginesio is the patron saint of actors and artists in general? If you didn’t know that, you have one more reason to visit this small town in the Marche region in the province of Macerata. Other good reasons could be: the nature that surrounds it, the beauty of the surrounding mountains, the view on the valley that hosts the Monti Sibillini Park and the park itself. Perhaps you will not find social life or great shopping opportunities in San Ginesio, but you will rediscover the pleasure of strolling through the streets and squares on a human scale, admiring the local monuments calmly and with a spirit of observation. Every year San Ginesio wins the Orange Flag, a tourist-environmental recognition awarded by the Italian Touring Club, and is part of the circuit of the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy. A characteristic that unites the buildings of San Ginesio is the singular presence of elements typical of northern European architecture, which can be explained by the presence, in medieval times, of workers from Germany and Holland. The most important monumental elements are the Walls, dating back to the 14th century, which almost completely surround the town and are equipped with towers and turrets; the Ospedale dei Pellegrini, a 13th century building with a portico of low columns and a small loggia; the Collegiate Church, the only work in the Marche region in flamboyant Gothic style. Amongst the other religious buildings we recommend a visit to the Church of San Francesco which dates back to the XI century, the Church of San Gregorio in neo-Gothic style and the ex-convent of the Augustinians dating back to the XIII century. In the central square of San Ginesio there is the statue of Alberico Gentili made by the sculptor Giuseppe Guastalla in 1905. In the Pinacoteca Civica is preserved, besides other various works of art, the Pala della Battaglia tra Ginesini e Fermani.

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