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Valloires Abbey : The magic garden

Situated in the serene green valley of Authie in Argoules, the Valloires Abbey is a historical gem that dates back to the 12th century. Originally established as a Cistercian abbey, Valloires is now famed not only for its rich history but also for its stunning surrounding gardens. These gardens are a true paradise for botany enthusiasts and garden lovers alike, featuring a remarkable collection of flora.

The gardens of Valloires Abbey extend over a 9-hectare area and are home to no fewer than 5,000 varieties of plants and shrubs, making it one of the most diverse botanical gardens in the region. The layout includes several distinct sections, each designed with a specific theme and purpose. Visitors can explore the rose garden, which showcases a variety of beautifully blossoming roses, the formal gardens with their precise and meticulous designs, and the landscape gardens that provide a more naturalistic setting, including an island garden.

Additionally, the abbey features unique garden areas such as a marsh garden, which emphasizes aquatic and semi-aquatic plants, an evolution garden that illustrates the development of plant life, and a five senses garden, which is designed to engage all the senses with its array of textures, scents, and colors.

Beyond its botanical attractions, Valloires Abbey is also a cultural hub. In August, the abbey grounds become the venue for the Valloires International Chamber Music Festival. This festival attracts musicians and audiences from around the world, adding a musical dimension to the serene beauty of the gardens and the historical ambiance of the abbey.

Whether you’re drawn by the prospect of wandering through lush gardens, attending a captivating music festival, or exploring a piece of 12th-century Cistercian architecture, Valloires Abbey offers a rich and varied experience. This makes it a perfect destination not just for garden enthusiasts but for anyone looking to enjoy a blend of nature, history, and culture in a spectacular setting.

For more information about Valloires Abbey, its gardens, and the festival, or to plan a visit, exploring resources like local tourism websites can provide additional insights and details to enhance your experience.

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