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The Romantic and Trendy San Sebastiàn

Romantic and trendy, full of scenic and cultural beauties, San Sebastian is now an iconic city. Its beaches and pintxos are legendary! It is a unique city, which boasts an enviable position on a bay overlooking the Cantabrian Sea, surrounded by green mountains, and combines in a very original way areas with a distinct personality and very different atmospheres. Its enchanting beaches, first of all the Concha, are now legendary: among the most beautiful city beaches in the world, they are perfect for hours of relaxation in the sun, refreshing baths and long walks and are an exceptional photographic subject. San Sebastian’s prestigious cultural events, its interesting museums and original open-air sculptures, often in a scenic seaside location, earned it the title of European Capital of Culture in 2016, and the cultural ferment has been more alive ever since that never. Modernity and innovation also affect the world of cooking, here a true work of art to which it is a must to dedicate a lot of time during the holiday! Go to traditional bars in search of the tastiest pintxos, perhaps washed down with a glass of fine cider or Tzakoli wine, and then experience more creative cuisine in chic restaurants. In the evening you can choose to indulge in the city’s vibrant nightlife or opt for a romantic moonlit stroll along the promenade. No matter what you choose, San Sebastian is sure to steal your heart.

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