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The Phlegraean Fields and the incredible Underwater Park

The Campi Flegrei coast is a unique example in the world, due to the sinking of the ancient coastal strip and the consequent transformation of the territory. What is preserved underwater is therefore an exceptional heritage for its peculiarity. The Underwater Park extends along the coast of Bacoli and Pozzuoli, between the head of the pier at the southern limit of the port of Baia and the pier of Lido Augusto, for a stretch of sea sloping down from the shore to a depth of about fifteen meters. Part of the submerged structures, already investigated, are currently buried, others have been identified only by aerial photos Among the main submerged buildings are still visible: the imperial nymphaeum of Punta Epitaffio, the villa of Pisoni, the villa "a protiro", so called by the presence of a porch in front of the entrance. In addition, a sector of the urban space remains, of which some tabernae overlooking the above mentioned residence are visible, as well as the remains of a spa complex and a semicircular fishpond at the southern end of the inlet. Of the Portus Julius, on the other hand, only a sample area has been explored, in which it was possible to identify a large warehouse with a quadrangular plan and a central courtyard. The sculptural furnishings of these building complexes, returned thanks to underwater excavations carried out in the last century, are currently on display in the Archaeological Museum of the Campi Flegrei in Baia.

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