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The medieval castle of Gioiosa Ionica

The medieval castle of Gioiosa Ionica stands overhanging along the course of the Gallizzi river, five kilometres from the coast, on top of a rocky promontory. The complex, in fact, except for the side facing the river, is completely surrounded by ancient civil dwellings. The castle is triangular in plan and has two towers located at the corners facing east and west. Inside this perimeter there are some ruins including a large room without roof and an imposing staircase leading to the upper floors. The entrance is located on the ancient moat. This entrance is accessed by a masonry bridge with adjoining staircase. On this side of the moat there is a noble building that in the first half of the 17th century was used as a baronial palace and residence of the feudal lord. The analysis of the sources suggests that the construction of the castle should be placed during the Swabian period (1194-1265) or in the first decades of the Angevin rule.

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