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The Jamaa El Fna place

Today so alive and bustling Jamaa El Fna, or “place of the dead” was formerly a place of public executions. Declared in 2001 world oral heritage by UNESCO, the first of its kind Globally, it is a real social hub for centuries. The place is both shop, restaurants, cafes, theater and circus Always filled with a motley crowd, you rub Moroccan tourists, acrobats, snake charmers, musicians, storytellers. We will offer henna tattoos, games of skill, craft, dates and other dried fruits, not to mention the delicious fresh orange juice that you can enjoy for a few dirhams. The night the lights up and is invaded by restaurateurs who take booths all day. It offers varied menus: couscous, tagines, grilled meats, seafood, salad, harira (traditional Moroccan soup) and also more exotic dishes like sheeps head or snails in spicy broth. The atmosphere created by the vapors through the lights, like a mist to the charms of the Orient, the odors that awakens our senses and appetite, sounds, noise of the crowd, Gnawa music, give this experience an air of magic and celebration. Jamaa El Fna square is surrounded by restaurants, luxurious or cheap hotels and is an excellent place to start a visit to Marrakech in carriage.

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