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The Girolamini Complex was built between the end of the 16th century and the middle of the 16th century.

The Girolamini Complex was built between the late sixteenth and mid-seventeenth century, and was immediately one of the richest and most prestigious cultural centers of Naples. It was called in this way by the religious followers of St. Philip Neri who originally gathered in the church of St. Jerome of Charity in Rome. The majestic complex stands on Via Duomo, opposite the Cathedral of Naples, and over time was enlarged and enriched with works of art especially during the eighteenth century.The most important part of the complex is surely represented by the extraordinary Library, where Giuseppe Valletta and Giambattista Vico, internationally renowned philosopher, worked. The Girolamini Library is a library specialized in Christian Theology, Philosophy, Christian Church in Europe, Church History, Sacred Music and General History of Europe. Hosted in the Oratory of the Girolamini, contrary to the customs of the monastic orders, which did not admit the public in their libraries, since 1586, it was opened to the public. The Library is one of the richest in the world and the oldest of the Neapolitan libraries, with a book heritage of about 159,700 volumes and pamphlets, including 137 musical prints, 5,000 editions of the sixteenth century, 120 incunabula and over 10,000 rare and valuable editions.

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