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The Ferrarese Couple

Coppia Ferrarese IGP, the typical bread of Ferrara also known as "Ciupeta," has a peculiar ribbon shape made up of the intersection of two pieces of dough that come together in a central knot from which four "horns" start, the ends of which are called "crostini." Coppia can be kept for a few days without losing its crunchy characteristics but, those who visit Ferrara will notice how its inhabitants do not give up the daily ritual of buying fresh and fragrant bread in the bakeries of the historic center. The production area of Coppia Ferrarese corresponds to the entire territory of the province of Ferrara but, in truth, it has become such a popular specialty that we can find it on tables all over Italy. The central knot or ribbon of Coppia Ferrarese is also called "grop" and encloses a soft crumb; from it branch out, fan-shaped, four horns whose ends are called crostini (or "curnit"). The crust is hard, smooth and golden in color, with almost blond veins at the twisted areas. The interior is firm and the smell is penetrating and appetizing; the flavor savory. The weight should range from 80 to 250 grams. The quality of the finished product is strongly influenced by the characteristics of the water and raw materials, the degree of humidity in the air, the processing system that reflects ancient procedures, the leavening process, and the oven temperature. The type and quantity of ingredients to be used as well as the method of preparation are all described analytically in the production specification.

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