The Chestnut Hundred Horses Chestnut is among the largest in the world

Among the oldest species on the planet is the chestnut tree! Among its living specimens, we find an illustrious millenary one, located right in Italy, precisely in the town of Sant’Alfio in the province of Catania (Sicily). The Chestnut of the Hundred Horses, according to estimates, would be between 3000 and 3500 years old! It is known to be one of the largest trees in the world (mentioned several times in the book Guinnes World Record) and its name originates from a legend according to which a queen passing through Sant’Alfio took shelter under its branches together with her army of 100 knights. In 1982 the State Forestry Corps included it in the Italian heritage of green monuments, strong of 22,000 trees of considerable interest, and highlighted among only 150 of exceptional historical or monumental value. The tree is located in the forest of Carpineto, on the eastern side of the volcano Etna,

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