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Sunnmøre Museum

The "Museum of Ålesund," or "Museum More." is a local museum showcasing the history and culture of the city and surrounding region. The museum houses various permanent and temporary exhibits, including art exhibitions, audiovisual installations, historical photographs, documents and artifacts.One of the most popular exhibits is the one that tells the story of the Ålesund fire in 1904, which destroyed much of the city. The exhibit reconstructs the event through photographs, objects recovered from the rubble, and films from the time.The museum also has a section devoted to fishing and the maritime industry, important sources of livelihood for the region. Here you can learn about traditional and modern fishing techniques, fish processing activities, and the lives of fishermen.Another interesting exhibit is about the life and work of Knut Hamsun, one of the most important Norwegian writers of the 20th century, who was born in the Ålesund region. The museum also has a contemporary art collection, with works by Norwegian and international artists.The museum is located in the central part of Ålesund, in a historic building near the harbor. It is open every day except Monday, with varying hours depending on the season.

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