Sochi, the pearl of the Black Sea

Soči, Territorio di Krasnodar, Russia

Simona Bertolaso



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Sochi is a priceless pearl of the Black Sea coast, surrounded with bright green riparian forests and exciting mountains that protect it from the northern and southern winds. This is the most popular beach resort in Russia for over 2.5 million people, who annual come there. It is a Russian President’s summer residence, where he receives other heads of states at the official level.

Stretching for 148 km, Sochi ranks the world’s second longest city, trailing only Mexico (200 km). The city’s boundaries stretch from the foot of the Caucasus Mountains along the Black Sea coast. Sochi is famous for its tea plantations, most northerly located in Europe, owing to the experienced tea grower I. A. Koshman, who was the first in 1901 to produce the tea variety adapted to that climate. Thus, Russia got its own brand of tea with a special unique flavor.

But spending holiday at the beach is not the only reason for the tourists to come here. Sochi is famous for a wide variety of attractions, both natural and historical-cultural: mountain canyons and underground caves, relict forests and nature reserves, waterfalls and lakes, cottages of famous people and museums – the list is endless.

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