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Shkhara: Georgia’s highest mountain

Shkhara is generally considered to be Georgia’s highest mountain and Europe’s fourth highest after Elbrus (5643m), Dychtau (5204m) and Koshtan (5151 m). Pushkina is higher (5100m) but forms part of Dychtau and debatably not a peak in its own right. Shkhara’s altitude significantly differs between maps (see below). Routes are Russian Grade 4B to 6B making the peak is one of Europe’s tougher mountaineering challenges. The ascent of Shkhara is actually easier from the Georgian side, starting from the UNESCO protected village of Ushguli in Upper Svaneti. Due to the region’s inaccessibility, questionable security and relatively poor facilities the mountain has seldom been climbed from this side and nearly always climbed from the Russian side.

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