Religious Places

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Guardia

The first construction of the sanctuary seems to date back to the XII century, due to the accidental discovery, as tradition tells us, of a small statue of the Madonna, probably hidden during the barbarian invasions. An enlargement was carried out between 1715 and 1718. The façade is very elegant, with a portico supported by four columns. The interior, frescoed in the nineteenth century by the Avondo brothers, is surmounted by ribbed vaults and covered with votive pictures, manifestations of popular faith and gratitude for the "grace received". Noteworthy are the three wooden altars of the 18th century and the statue of the miraculous Virgin, seated with the child, of the 14th century. On the inside sill of the façade, on the left, there is an oval stone which serves as an "élémosinaire", engraved with the initials IHS and the shield of the Vallaise family. In the small square in front of the church there is a beautiful fountain with a column, with a mask dated 1642, and a basin carved from a single block of stone. At the back of the church are the bell tower and the pilgrims’ house, with an elegant portico from which the view sweeps across the plain.

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