Religious Places

Ramoche Monastery in the northwest of Lhasa

Ramoche Monastery is located in the northwest of Lhasa, covering a total area of 4000 square meters. The original complex was first built by Han Chinese architects in the middle of the 7th century (during the Tang Dynasty). Therefore the temple is a wonderful combination of Han and Tibetan architectural styles. Nowadays, Ramoche Monastery has become the very place for the Tibetan monks to study sutra. Ramoche Monastery consists of three floors, the lower floor consists of a portico, sutra and Buddha halls, which are surrounded by a corridor for ritual perambulations. The walls of the corridor are covered with painted statues of the Amitabha Buddha. The top storey is covered with Han – style golden tiles which glisten in the sun and can be seen from all corners of Lhasa. The Lhasa Upper Tantric College for monks of the Gelug Sect has been established in Ramoche Monastery, and the college abbot also serves as the abbot of the monastery.

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