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Praia Dois Rios/Ilha Grande

Dios Rios Beach is a secluded beach accessed via a 14.1-kilometer (8.8 mi track) one-way from Abraão. The trail can be pretty hard in the heat but only took me 2.5 hours for each direction. The walk itself is beautiful and you can see monkeys along the way, enjoy breathtaking views of Abraão, as well as enjoy a beautiful tropical forest. Once you arrive at Dois Rios Beach you can relax in the calm water and rather deserted beach. The beach sits in between two rivers and the place is really beautiful! There is a small “town” at the beach and you can sit down at one of the restaurants for a meal or drink. Also, there is a historic museum about the old prison that used to be at Dois Rios. It’s free and an interesting place to visit on Ilha Grande. Before going, I had heard of water taxis taking people back to Abraão but the day we went there were none. So, be prepared to walk the 7 km (4.3 mi) back too!

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