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Discover Pongour waterfall in Dalat

Pongour is renowned as one of the most famous waterfalls in its province, beloved and frequented by Vietnamese of all ages. Despite the high volume of visitors it attracts, the development around Pongour Falls has been executed with taste.

Pongour Falls in Vietnam

Pongour waterfall is not only famous for its beauty but also for the legends behind the name of it. Some people believe it was named by the K’ho tribe in honor of their beautiful female leader, Kanai, who had bravely conquered the beasts to protect the peace of the tribe. It is said that on her death day, four rhinos arrived, stood around her and fasted till death. After that, her hair turned into the silky fall and the rhino corpses turned into the rock of the fall. Some others believe the falls was named by the French in attempt to mark the territory with the meaning “the King of Kaolin”.

Unlike other popular waterfalls, there are no kitschy concrete animals here. Instead, visitors find wide gravel pathways and steps that wind through lush, landscaped gardens, leading down to the impressive valley below.

Visitors have two options for reaching the waterfall: a gentle dirt path with some steps, or a steep, long staircase. It’s practical to descend by the staircase and return via the gentler path. At the bottom, although the trinket stalls and food outlets might not be visually appealing, their presence is welcome as they offer refreshments in the exceptionally hot and humid conditions of this crater-like valley.

Pongour Falls in Vietnam

Beyond the shade-providing trees near these stalls lies a wide and exposed rocky basin. This vast chasm was once filled by the vigorous flow of the Đa Nhim River. However, the flow of the river is now controlled by the Đa Nhim dam, visible from Highway 20 about 10km east of Pongour Falls. Regrettably, this regulation has diminished the waterfall’s once majestic and powerful presence, impacting its natural beauty and the visitor experience.

Pongour Falls in Vietnam

For those planning a visit or seeking more detailed information about Pongour Falls, resources like Secret World offer comprehensive travel guides and tips. Additionally, for those interested in exploring more of Vietnam’s natural beauty and outdoor attractions, this comprehensive guide provides extensive information and practical advice to enhance your travel experience.

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