New York :The South Street Seaport

The South Street Seaport is a historic area in the New York City borough of Manhattan. The commerce has thrived along the cobblestoned streets of this East River site for nearly four centuries. On the landward side, the neighborhood is surrounded by the Financial District. The area features original 18th and 19th century buildings, restored sailboats and the former Fulton Fish Market. South Street Seaport is therefore a historic district, which means it has remained in its original state sufficiently to be of historical significance. Some of the oldest buildings in Downtown Manhattan are located here, and walking around really does feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Add this area to nearby Stone Street in the Financial District to immerse yourself in the New York of yesteryear. However, there is also a lot of fun to be had in this neighborhood, both in the cozy bars and at large events. In any case, many of the South Street Seaport’s activities take place at Pier 17. The South Street Seaport is also home to the Titanic Memorial, a 60 foot tall white lighthouse at the corner of Fulton Street and Pearl Street. This memorial was created to commemorate the passengers and crew members who died in the ship’s disaster. The Titanic Memorial is located at the entrance to the South Street Seaport Museum. In this museum you will learn all about the history of this special region. The museum consists of a number of ships, located at Pier 16, a working printing press from the 19th century, a gift store and several exhibits. All of this is devoted entirely to the history and development of the city of New York. Specific attention is given to New York’s role as a world port.

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