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Nagphani,Duke’s Nose

Nagphani, also commonly known as Duke’s Nose, is a distinctive cliff located approximately 12 km away from Lonavala, on the highway towards Mumbai. This natural structure is notably recognized for its pointed shape that resembles the hood of a snake, which is how it earned the nickname Nagphani, meaning “Cobra’s Hood” in Hindi.

Nagphani Dukes Nose

The cliff’s unique shape and its nickname, Nagphani, are also steeped in local mythology. It is believed to be associated with the snake of Lord Shiva, a significant deity in Hindu mythology known for wearing a snake around his neck. This connection adds a spiritual and cultural dimension to the site, enhancing its appeal to visitors interested in the religious and mythological stories of India.


Duke’s Nose is a popular spot for trekking and offers panoramic views of the surrounding Sahyadri range and the valleys below. The trek to the top of the cliff is a favorite activity among adventure enthusiasts visiting Lonavala, providing both a physical challenge and rewarding scenic vistas.

Nagphani Dukes Nose

For those planning to explore this fascinating natural landmark, you can find more information and travel tips on Secret World. Additionally, downloading the app from Secret World can enhance your travel experience, offering detailed guides and insights into the many spectacular sights around Lonavala and beyond. Whether you’re an avid trekker, a nature lover, or someone interested in the cultural lore of India, Nagphani, or Duke’s Nose, provides a unique and enriching outdoor experience.

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