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mount terminio and the ancient chestnut groves

Terminio (1,806m)[1] is a mountain in the Picentini Mountains, in the Apennines of Campania, in the municipalities of Montella and Volturara Irpina, in the province of Avellino, which falls within the Monti Picentini Regional Park. After Mount Cervialto and Mount Second, Mount Polveracchio is the third highest peak in the Picentini chain. The peak reaches an altitude of 1,806 m a.s.l. Climbing the State Road 574 inversely, i.e., from Montella, one encounters the Cruci Pass (m. 980) and then touches the localities of Fosse Giunte and Tasso and the Piana del Pizzillo until reaching the Piana di Verteglia (m. 1230) dominated to the south by Mount Cercetano and Mount Savoceta. On the plain there is a dairy and an old church converted into the Principe di Piemonte Refuge, and the plain is also covered with beech trees and summer pastures fed by resurgences such as those of Candraloni (m. 1350), Madonna (m. 1150), Cavalli, Uccelli and Acque Nere, the waters of the resurgences fall into the numerous sinkholes such as that of Bocca del Dragone.

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