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Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a monumental granite sculpture located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, USA. This iconic American landmark features the 60-foot faces of four United States presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. These presidents were selected to represent key phases of American history, from its founding and expansion to the preservation of the nation and the end of slavery.

mount rushmore national memorial

Carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore, the sculptures were completed between 1927 and 1941 under the direction of sculptor Gutzon Borglum and later his son Lincoln Borglum, after Gutzon’s death. The site was chosen for its grand scale and favorable exposure to the sun, which enhances the visibility of the monument for much of the day.

Mount Rushmore is not just a celebration of history, but also a marvel of human effort and engineering. The process involved dynamite to remove approximately 450,000 tons of rock, and precise drilling to achieve the detailed finishes seen on the faces. The scale and technique involved in its creation make it a landmark of both artistic and cultural significance.

mount rushmore national memorial

Visitors to Mount Rushmore are welcomed at the Avenue of Flags, which leads to the Grand View Terrace where they can get an unobstructed view of the monument. The site also includes a museum with interactive exhibits that detail the history and construction of Mount Rushmore, including the tools used, the workers who built it, and the native history of the Black Hills.

mount rushmore national memorial

The area surrounding Mount Rushmore is rich in natural beauty and offers a range of outdoor activities including hiking, mountain biking, and rock climbing. The Black Hills are also home to other historical sites and natural attractions such as Custer State Park, the Crazy Horse Memorial, and the historic town of Deadwood.

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