Monastery of San Isidro de Dueñas

Monasterio de San Isidro, Calle Monasterio de la Trapa, s/n, 34208 Dueñas, Palencia, Spain

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It is worth visiting the Monastery of San Isidro de Dueñas in the town also called Dueñas, and better known as ‘La Trapa’.
It is a building of Visigothic origin but renovated in the 11th century with a Romanesque style as can be seen on its façade, the interior and other parts of the building are in a more modern Herrerian style.

A church with three naves with a transept and three apses, separated by cruciform pillars without columns. The doorway is Romanesque. The oldest part, still preserved today is the gable end door and the rectangular turret. The capitals are reminiscent of Frómista and Silos.

Inhabited by the well known trapense monks from Palencia it is about 13 km from the city, very near to the confluence of the rivers Carrión and Pisuerga. Gregorian hymns are sung in sections of mass.
If you are looking for rest and seclusion it is possible to stay in their hostelry.

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