Located at the heart of Zurich’s wine country, the pretty village of Marthalen is known for its intact townscape and most attractive red and white half-timbered houses.Martella, as the village was once called, was first mentioned in documents dating back to 858. Today it comprises the villages Marthalen and Ellikon am Rhein. The red and white 17th and 18th century timber-framed houses shape the townscape and are today listed buildings. Wine production, Pinot Noir and Riesling-Sylvaner in particular, takes place on over 2 hectares of land here – and the municipality is home to one of Switzerland’s most important, and largest, interrelated oak forests. Particularly impressive houses are the “Untere” and “Obere Hirschen”, the “Alte Wirtshaus” tavern and “Schutzenhaus”.

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