Historical Sites

Market Square

Historical sources attest that the square was the village’s first real settlement; in feudal times it housed the Baronial Castle, and in the 17th century it was the site of the village market (hence the present name). The square has always been identifiable with the center of the village. In 1735 a monument was erected in honor of Charles III of Bourbon, who stopped in Pomigliano on his way to Nola. It is said that the people of Pomigliano offered the sovereign a basket of fruit, and in memory of this event a white marble column was erected on which a basket of apples was placed. During World War II on the place where the column stood a shelter was built to enable the population to escape bombing, so the column was lost, while the basket was preserved and guarded. In 1978 its beautiful, though not original, monument was given back to the square.

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