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Madeira where it is always spring

Madeira is not only one island, but also the name of the whole autonomous archipelago of Portugal. Since the 15th century, it has been under the Portuguese rule with a short break in the beginning of the 19th century when the Brits occupied the islands. Geographically, it is located on the Atlantic Ocean, the northern part of it to be exact. The location of the island allows it to have the similar weather all throughout the year. Beautiful spring is something you can experience in Madeira all the time. Wind, sun, ocean – the island has it all. There is also a legend that says the first people who discovered the island of Madeira were two lovers that were running away from England to France. Their ship went off the course due to the heavy storm and they landed in Madeira. Now, there is a city named after the legendary lovers – Machico. Why is Madeira so special? First of all, the whole island has been built on volcanic rocks of the old volcano. That alone gives us beautiful views, the best ones visible from the volcanic cliffs. Since Madeira is located on the top of the massive shield volcano, the island is mostly mountainous. This, however, brings the incredible views of the sea, rocky beaches and beautiful waves. Be careful though! Since Madeira is actually a really small island with quite high hills and mountains, the speed of the wind might be really dangerous for people. But if you take care of yourself and walk around the cliffs with caution, the views you will get will blow your mind.

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