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Kievskaya: the last station built on the Moscow Central Ring

Kievskaya This was the last station to be built on the Moscow Central Ring. It was built under the personal supervision of General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, who initiated the Soviet "thaw" policy and dismantled Joseph Stalin’s cult of personality. It is believed that the elegant decor was a way for Khrushchev to pay tribute to his Ukrainian homeland.Following the opening of the station, the Soviet leader declared a "war" on excesses in architecture, thereby ensuring the unrivaled glory of this underground “palace.” Its lobby, like those at some other stations, is decorated with marble and granite, and the columns are decorated with 18 mosaic panels in the Florentine tradition.These bas-relief panels tell the history of relations between Russia and Ukraine, from the time of the Pereyaslav Rada in 1654 (when the Cossacks swore an oath to the Russian Tsar) to the October Revolution in 1917. The titles of the panels speak for themselves with works entitled: Pushkin in Ukraine…..

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