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Governor’s Palace

The Gobernador Palace is a historic building located in the center of Manta, Ecuador. Built during the Spanish colonial period in the 19th century, the building is an important example of neoclassical architecture.The building was built to house the governor of the province of Manabí, of which Manta was the main city. The building has a white facade with a series of columns and balconies in the neoclassical style. One of the most interesting details of the building is its inner courtyard, decorated with plants and fountains, which creates a cool and relaxing atmosphere.Over the years, the Gobernador Palace has undergone numerous restoration and conservation works, which have preserved its original appearance. Today, the building houses the headquarters of the Manta tourist office, which provides information about the city and places to visit in the region.The Gobernador Palace is an important historical and cultural landmark in Manta and is a testament to Spanish colonial architecture in the region. If you are passionate about history and architecture, do not miss the opportunity to visit this building during your visit to Manta.

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