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Frozen Glory Hole Waterfall

This has to be the one of the most unique waterfalls in all the Ozarks. Dismal Creek has literally drilled a hole right through an overhanging bluff. Most times of the year, it is nothing more than a trickle, but after some good rain, this is something spectacular. It is also quite a sight in the winter when the waterfall becomes frozen! This waterfall is located in the Ozark National Forest, between Fallsville and Edwards Junction, south of Boxley Valley. To get to the parking spot, travel East out of Fallsville on AR Hwy 16/21 for 5.7 miles. You will pass a large red barn that has a big, white "E" painted on the side of it. Go ½ mile past this barn, and you will see a pull off on the Right side of the road, opposite from a house up on a hill. (If you have come to the Cassville Baptist Church, you’ve gone 0.7 miles too far.) You can also get here from Edwards Junction, by traveling West on AR Hwy 16/21 for 2.3 miles, which would make it 0.7 miles past the Cassville Baptist Church. Then, you will Turn Left across from the house up on the hill. Park along this Jeep road near the highway, there is room for only two or three vehicles at the most. (If you have a 4wd, you can drive another ¼ mile down this road and park.) From the highway, hike along this Jeep road, and Turn Right at the bulletin board. There will be a smaller old roadbed that heads down the hill. It gets a little steep as it curves back to the right, then crosses the main stream at the bottom. This is Dismal Creek, and is what feeds the waterfall. The old road swings back left and heads downhill some more, eventually turning narrower into more or less of a trail, before coming to the top of the bluffline. Here, you will see where the creek has drilled through the rock. Over on the right, there is a way to make it to the bottom, but it is a little steep and can be very slick in places. Use caution.

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