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Forno di Zoldo

Walking through the small town of Forno di Zoldo, one is immediately struck by the clear air that reverberates with light, a luminosity that can only be felt as one climbs to higher altitudes and that envelops the peaks of the Spiz di Mezzodì or the Catena del San Sebastiano, Dolomite rocks that stand out like guardians of the valley. Forno di Zoldo is one of the municipalities of Belluno that see part of their territory included in the National Park of the Belluno Dolomites: the Val Pramper. It contributes in a very important way to the beauty and suggestiveness of the Park, giving some landscape and environmental features typical of the Dolomite valleys. In these territories also runs the Alta Via delle Dolomiti N. 1 that links the lake of Braies to Belluno, passing through Val Pramper. Val di Zoldo is also known for its large and qualified group of ice cream makers who, since the last century, have literally invaded European countries: Germany in particular, but also Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Holland and Hungary. Not to mention the experiences of some in overseas countries. The profession of ice cream maker was a difficult one, but it was immediately successful due to the excellent quality of the ice cream produced by hand according to the local technique of the people of Zoldo, which imposed itself on the market of European cities.

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