Fountains, Squares and Bridges

Europe Square

The Europe Square was opened in 2002. Its construction was done in cooperation with Belgians. The architectural complex of the Europe Square includes 48 columns with flags of European countries, the restaurant Europe and the sculpture The Abduction of Europa. On the whole the complex is about 3000 sq. m. The Abduction of Europa sculpture, presented to Moscow by Belgian capital, is a complex composition of steel, steam and water. This is the largest abstract sculpture in the capital. The traditional mythological story is presented in very peculiar way. The gigantic, sky-aspiring plexus of silvery stainless steel tubes represents the head of the bull, Zeus, and the girl, Europa, in its horns. If you look at it at a certain angle and with the right lighting, you will be able to clearly see the silhouette of a woman.

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