Egirdir Lake

Distretto di Eğirdir, Eğirdir/Provincia di Isparta, Turchia

Simona Bertolaso

Distretto di Eğirdir


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Enigmatic Eğirdir, surrounded by the shimmering Eğirdir Gölü (Lake Eğirdir) and embraced by rugged mountains, remains protected from the typical Anatolian heat and dust like a secret treasure. Lake Eğirdir, like the other nearby lakes, is an endoreic basin, whose waters come mainly from rainfall and melting snow, remaining as gentle as those of Lake Beyşehir.With an area of 570 km2, it is the fourth largest natural lake in Turkey.The lake is divided into two parts by the Hoyran Strait which is only 1.5 km wide: the southern part is the largest and forms Lake Eğirdir in the strictest sense; the northern part is called Lake Hoyran.The number of fish species present has decreased since perch were introduced into the lake in the year 1955 which caused several species to disappear. Until the 1980s, the lake provided the largest production of shrimp in Turkey.
Egirdir is a radiant resort, where you can breathe peace surrounded by unspoiled nature, and it is a delightful place to take a detour while exploring the coastline between the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

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