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Crepes of Teramo: Scrippelle ‘mbusse

Did crepes or scrippelle come first? The eternal dilemma mirrors that of the egg, fundamental ingredient in both preparations. In this case we are pretty sure: crepes from Teramo derive from French ones, even though obviously there are those who sustain the contrary. Legend has it that at the beginning of the nineteenth century the cook Enrico Castorani was preparing crepes for the French troops stationed in Abruzzo, but at the moment of serving them, they fell into the broth: thus were born scrippelle ‘mbusse, that is "wet". Unlike their transalpine cousins, scrippelle are a strictly salted first course, whose dough, made of water, flour and eggs, is rolled up, sprinkled with pepper and pecorino cheese (not Parmigiano, be that as it may!) and then dipped in broth, strictly chicken broth.

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