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Church of Our Saviour and the spiral Staircase

Our Saviour’s is one of Denmark’s most famous churches. Ever since the serpentine spire was inaugurated in 1752. The tower of the church, which was designed by Lambert Van Haven, did not have a spire. Decades later, Lauritz de Thurah designed a spire, drawing inspiration from the spiral shape of Rome’s Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza. It was inaugurated on August 28, 1752, by King Frederik V. The copper-clad wooden spire stands on an octagonal base and features semicircular arches and round windows with gilded frames. Four statues guard its base. The stairs—400 in total—twist counterclockwise, looping around the tower four times. A plinth holding a gilded globe and a sculpture of Jesus stands at the end. In 2007 the view from the top was voted the best in the city by the Copenhageners. The last 150 steps are on the outside of the spire – this is not an ascent for the vertiginously challenged! In December the tower is open every day until the 12th. Closed in January and February.

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